Introducing K9 Street Safety
“ABC” Obedience

“Academy to Basic Canine Obedience”

I love dogs and my true passion is helping humans have a better relationship with their dogs. We have developed an innovative training style and philosophy to help you achieve that. We believe it begins with BONDING, PLAY and the BASICS. I believe that learning the most important commands every dog and owner should know is how we get started. What you learn here is what you take home with you to create the life you want with your dog. As you change, so will your dog

Our training exercises include elevated walks, jumps, tunnels and human weave poles to help stimulate your dog’s brain and to build your dog’s confidence. Confidence comes through knowledge and experience. Dogs learn from each other and their successes are your successes too! We need to recognize our dogs have needs and we have a responsibility to meet those needs. Education, discipline and feeling secure in the pack are just a few of those needs. No matter where you are in the training of your pet, “Fun and Learning” is guaranteed in every class. If you’re not having fun, chances are your dog isn’t either.

Let’s begin with the A. B. C.’s:

6 week courses meets one time per week for 90 minutes per session.
Choose Sunday Afternoons or Wednesday evenings.

  • Wednesday evenings: Sept 25th,2019 & Jan 22nd, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
  • Sunday afternoons: Sept 29th, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
  • The training location is at our beautiful 1/2 acre “6LegsOC” Training Camp in La Habra. (Near Harbor/Whittier blvd.)
  • Master the 5 most important commands through “game play”. Sit, Stay, Down, Place, Come and more.
    On session #4 we have added our K9 Street Safety “Urban Street Smarts” field trip to downtown Fullerton.
  • This course is excellent mental and physical training for you and your dog. Each human/dog team will receive a certificate of completion.
  • Once you and your dog complete the course, YOU become a lifetime member and get to come back as an Alumni for FREE!
  • AKC, CGC (Canine Good Citizen) evaluations available. ABC Obedience includes all the test questions of the CGC evaluation in the course.


All breeds, sizes and ages of dogs welcome. 6 dog limit.

Cost: $265.00 ~ click on the “add to cart” below to reserve your spot for $100.00

Each dog must have an approved martingale collar & 6 foot leash. We have Canadian made “Silver Foot” collars and leashes available in several styles and colors. Please don’t go out and buy one. Not required to buy ours if you have your own.

Do you have a question? Email me for additional information at:

I am looking forward to helping you and your dog.

See you soon! J.R

Deposit (Non-Refundable) of $100 payable here:

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