Testimonial“We attended JR’s K9 Street Safety course. Coco and I started off a bit apprehensive but after even just one course we were walking together so much better.

JR’s 6 week course helped us be more confident with each other…and understand how to play and learn together. We graduated with experience in walking thru the obstacle course confidently and experience walking neighborhood streets with safety for my pup in mind. Great Class!”
~ Barbara R

Thank you so much Judith for your advice regarding my two rottweilers. My older one was being really aggressive as I told you. I did exactly what you suggested, I took control back over! It made sense once you explained it.

I didn’t realize I wasn’t holding my own as alpha. I started doing little things, walking in the door first, walking away when my older one was being so pushy!

I can’t Thank you enough for how happy you have made my home! Penny and Tili Thank you ad well! It’s amazing to watch them play! You are truly the Dog Whisper!
~ Sandra Ward


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