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The 180° CLUB includes three private sessions. One hour private session per week for 3 weeks. Cost: $180.00

Do you feel your dog has too much energy? Does he jump all over your guests or run out the door when the door is open? Does he blow you off and just doesn’t listen to you?

If your dog is headed in the wrong direction it’s time to do a 180!!

In just a few sessions I can show you how to be the dog trainer for your dog. I can tailor my training to fit each dog’s personality and needs. I always train the dog that is in front of me.

Getting your dogs attention is an important factor when trying to teach your dog a behavior you want. We want our dogs to begin using their brains so they can start making good decisions. Getting them to learn this is easier
than you might think.

Dogs communicate first through body language, not the English Language so I will show you how to communicate with your dog more effectively so you can begin to have that relationship you’ve always wanted with your dog
but didn’t know how.

Learn a solid heel in 3 weeks.

Learn leash handling and how to guide and motivate your dog.

Learn to prepare to pass the AKC-CGC (Canine Good Citizen) exam.

Learn Umbilical training using a hand free method of building trust and respect with your dog.

Learn how to get more success with your dog through markers and commands and how to use food rewards and more.

Dog training is a mentorship program. You never stop learning.
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