Gambit’s Story



Gambit is Audrey’s brother. As pups they used to play all the time until he was attacked by a dog and he became very defensive and aggressive. For years, we kept him at home only walking him around the neighborhood. Because we were scared of his behavior, we kept him prisoner at home.

Judith told me she could help us. I explained, I want him to experience things. I want to be able to take him out and not have him lunge at other dogs. My dream is just to have him walk down the aisle at my wedding and behave. I almost cried when I was telling her all of this. I love my dog. I realized that it was my fault too. I didn’t know what to do with him.

Gambit and I joined the Street Safety class and within the first week, I learned how to manage the leash and gain confidence in myself and Gambit, with the use of body language. I am no longer repeating myself over and over.

Street Safety class taught me the leadership skills I needed. Gambit now sees me as a leader. I now know that I must continue working with him and together we will continue to learn. Because of what we learned in class, Gambit and I have been able to experience things, I never believed possible, shopping, riding in elevators, sitting near other dogs, waiting patiently as I went in a shop to get some coffee and just walking down the street without pulling.

I am thankful for what Judith has taught us. He is so much better now. We have grown together. He has more respect for me now. Judith has changed our lives together.