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The Big Question


The big question…When do you start training your dog? Is it when you first bring the dog into the house or is it 6 months later?

The answer is you begin training your puppy or dog the moment it arrives. That means you might want to put the dog onto umbilical. You’ll also want to designate a spot for the dog to go to the bathroom outside, not inside. You may even dictate where the dog is allowed to go inside the house. Is it permitted in the master bedroom? Is it allowed into the kitchen while you are cooking? Who enters or exits the doorway first?

Little rules like this go a long way towards creating a strong foundation for your dog. It is critical that you start training the puppy or dog the day it comes into the home, before problems develop.

“K9 STREET SAFETY ” classes offer much more than Sit, Stay, and Come. You and your dog will be exposed to REAL LIFE situations. Within these classes, you are given the necessary tools to manage your dog on and off leash, establish your Alpha role in your dog’s life and create a true bond between you and your dog using Body Language; all without the use of treats or other masking tools.

Do you know how to safely cross the street with your dog? How is your dog’s recall? Do you repeat your commands? How about getting your dog’s attention when it is distracted? Does your dog have patience? … Do you? Would you like to have a well mannered dog?

Street Safety Training is a powerful, unique, challenging and successful class and fun for both you and your dog. Why be confined to a small room or walking around in a circle at the park? That is not the reality of either your world or your dog’s.

Proper training tools are a valuable component for successfully training your dog. Leashes have one major purpose-to keep the dog attached to you. A good quality collar works in conjunction with a good quality leash to ensure that your dog is safe while on lead. I use the high quality “Silver Foot” Martingale collar and leash.

All classes are held outdoors so be prepared to move! Comfy clothing is a must as well as appropriate footwear. All breeds, sizes, and ages of dogs are welcome. This is a no nonsense training approach and because of our unique style, this training stands out from all the rest. Come out for some fun and learning.

Private Sessions are also available. Call for details. 714-658-7374

Having a love for animals, I decided to follow my dreams to help change the way people and their dogs live together, one family at a time. Prior to my dog training career I was an Environmental Regulatory Compliance professional where I found myself constantly swimming with sharks. Now I am happily running with the dogs.