Dog Kayaking Class



Welcome to Doggy Paddle Class. We are teaching dogs that don’t know how to swim or dogs that do know how to swim get more comfortable in the water and how to have a little bit of fun.

And it does challenge all the dog guardians a bit too!

This course is only open to K9 Street Safety Dogs.

It’s always a beautiful day in Newport Beach!

Not all dogs are naturals in the water and some don’t understand it. Some dogs are more natural swimmers than others but we want to give our dogs a chance to understand how their legs work and how to hold them and how to properly introduce them to water and give them confidence and have an overall good experience in the water.

We’re doing a Doggy Paddle Kayaking Adventure Class!

Introducing dogs to water and maybe teaching some of them to swim.

A lot of the times when dogs enter the water they don’t want to get past their stomach because it’s unnatural for them so with a little bit of encouragement we’re tiring some of these dogs out. Water is really good for tiring dogs out with swimming.

There are a few things when it comes to training and the first is patience. You can teach your dog patience and everything else will come easier. The other thing is to physically exhaust your dog on a regular basis. Too many dogs don’t get out enough and they just get this built up of energy and they just store it up and get crazy. That’s why they dig and destroy the house or barking all the time because they are not using their brain and not mentally stimulated enough. They may get the physical exercise by the walking but if you’re not getting them to use their brain then they’ll just be barking and chewing and that’s where all these bad behaviors come from.

Let’s get outside and have some Bow Wow fun with your dog!

Yip, Lick…SPLASH!!

Training through a Fun Outdoor Adventure!

This Doggie paddle gathering includes a 1.5 hour fun water training group session.

One hour of actual Kayaking with your dog.

Plenty of cool drinking water for the dogs.

Humans get a delicious lunch with beverages.

Sign up here! Just fill out the form on the right.

Space is limited to 10 dogs.

Instructions on what to bring and where we meet will be emailed to you. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Sign up for this special event using the form below. Payment details and instructions on what to bring and where we meet will be emailed to you.

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