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Prices for Private Sessions and Safety Training

6 Week Street Safety Training Group Class – $400.00
(10 dog limit per class) *
A $100.00 deposit, which you can make below, is recommended to hold your spot.   

Street Safety Training Class Deposit  $100.00

Tired of a Naughty Dog? Resolve your Naughty Dog issues in one class!

Check out the “INTRO” to Street Safety Training in your area for only $30.00!!!

Real Life, Real Distractions, Real Results!!

Next “INTRO” class:

Saturday January 24th at 10 AM.

The 6 week Street Safety Course begins Saturday January 31 at 10 AM in Fullerton.

See “Events” page for more information. Reserve your spot today! (10 dog limit per class) If you have completed 2 private sessions and then decide to attend the 6 Week Course afterwards, you will have a discounted rate. For a private consultation, I recommended that 2 sessions are scheduled for a complete training.

Cost of each private session is $150.00 and runs for 2 hours each session. The second session is scheduled for 2 weeks later.

What to expect from Street Safety training

You’ll learn techniques to handle your dog on and off leash. Establish your role as the Leader and create a true bond of mutual trust and respect between you and your dog, all without the use of masking tools such as clickers, treats, prong or choke collars. The first step is creating a foundation and establishing your Alpha role with your dog. The private sessions will begin at home by setting rules and boundaries for your dog to reinforce leadership in your home as well as out in the real world. Our 6 week Street Safety Course is outdoor training and it begins with the walk without the pull. We teach loose leash walking without force and without treats. Training should be FUN and educational at the same time!

Proper training tools are an important component to training your dog. I recommend the “Hustle Up” Martingale collar and leash. “Hustle Up” products available on the K9 Street Safety Products page.

You will learn how to communicate with your dog in a language they understand, Body Language. We will show you how to stimulate your dog’s brain to think and make decisions so you can teach your dog to watch and listen to you. We always use positive reinforcement, affection and approval as the reward. (instead of treats.) All these exercises will help build your dog’s confidence and create a more balanced dog.. We’ll discuss proper toys, how to choose the best food for your dog, socialization, dog park etiquette and much much more!!! Training is held outdoors because that is where your dog needs to listen to you the most.

Your dog will learn to have patience, be polite and have manners so you can take your dog out in public and be part of the Real World. Nothing is more satisfying than being out and about with your well behaved dog.

If you have a specific issue, a private consultation may be more convenient to address one on one.

The next 6 Week Street Safety “Real World Dog Training”

Begins: January 31, 2015 in the Brea/Fullerton area of Orange County!

All Training is held outdoors and meet 2 times per week, 2 hours per class for 6 weeks (That’s 12 sessions or 24 hours of instruction!) Please don’t delay, reserve your spot today!